A collector and arranger of worlds, Amanda Scheutzow takes objects sourced from the cluttered and dusty shelves of junk, antique and thrift shops and transforms them into ominous scenes, replete with darkly humorous monsters and otherworldly creatures.  Inspired by cabinets of curiosity, taxidermy, and the gothic imagination, her work embraces the imagination and inspires curiosity in her viewers. While the end piece is a visual expression of her inner fantasy world, viewers are encouraged to construct their own narratives using obscure clues placed within the images.

Her graduate work utilizes her skills as a metalsmith, sculptor, and photographer. Amanda received her undergraduate degree in metals and jewelry at Arizona State University and her MFA at the University of Georgia. She is a recipient of a Willson Center for the Humanities & Arts Graduate research award grant, has had her work published, and has shown in numerous galleries.